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Too busy to hand over things?

Airbox helps you to find and access spaces near you for an easy exchange

Drop it   Share it   Pick it up!


AirBox is a platform-based network, allowing you to find available spaces close to you, which you can use to drop off things you would like to hand over to others, store temporarily – just drop for a few minutes.
After you have found a suitable space, you can rent it temporarily from the chosen space provider, who guarantees for the safety of whatever you would like to put inside your space. Then you can use the AirBox app to grant access to other users of the network, so that these can just come to pick it up whenever they like.

Find a space near you


Place your items in the space


Give others access to the space

Benefits for our customers

Always available

There are many spaces out there already. Through our partnership with space providers, we are always able to find a space for your next exchange – whenever and wherever you need it!

Flexible & Spontaneous

Exchange things with others without matching your schedule and organize meetings. Just find a space quickly and easily. In this way, Airbox gives you the flexibility you need in your everyday life.


Sharing things is often about sharing cost. Therefore getting a space is free for the first hour. Afterwards you will only pay the amount of time you use it, so that sharing remains cheap and attractive.

About us

AirBox is an entrepreneurial web-service company, founded by 3 students at Danish Technical University in early 2017 in the course of the Venture Cup startup competition in the category of Mobile & Web. It is based on the idea to facilitate sharing things with others by resolving the problems related to the process of exchange.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

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